Mid-day meals for students

Eat and Learn

Educating a poverty stricken country is no easy task. The basic need is food. With the government both Central and the State implementing visionary initiatives to strengthen Mid Day Meal schemes, the students of West Bengal are no longer going hungry. Taking cue from thee  inspirational works, Aashray caters Mid Day Meals to over 1000 students in the City of Joy, Kolkata.
We do not compromise on quality or quantity as serving the children is our sole motive.  With an efficient team which constantly monitors the process, food is reached to its respective destination on time. Our air is to eradicate hunger not to make profit.
Food, shelter and education are basic building blocks of a nation. By providing food to thousands of children we ensure that they can concentrate on their education and contribute towards nation building.
We are happy that we serve healthy nutritious tasty meals to students in the endeavour that our small initiative helps the state government to build a hunger free literate state.