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Aashray Chairman


“Skill power is for improving the lives and for leaving your community and the world, better than you found it”

I deem it to be a matter of immense pleasure and honour for me to address you all through this medium of AASHRAY. It is indeed very heartening to witness that the project has carved a name for itself in the training scenario. Skill power is the most powerful tool to bring desirable changes in our personality and also to bring positive changes in our society. It is the only medium which enables you to move from darkness to brightness.

Dear friends, I strongly believe that, there can be no better way to drive and improve our nation’s prosperity and social economic well-being than through its skill development training system. I also believe that, this type of training is the key to continue economic and technological advancement of our country.

I would take this opportunity to urge you all to focus on allround development. You should always have your education laced with morality and ethics. This task has to be taken over by the academicians to provide value and ethic based education. You should all remember that, “dedication and sincerity is the first step in this system” and we should inculcate honesty and integrity in all what we do.

I earnestly hope and trust that, my esteemed organisation and budding trainees will take different type of training with sincerity, honesty and dedication and thereby to make this country ahead in near future.

                                                                                                                                                 Arindam Dutta

                                                                                                                                           Chairman of Aashray